22 Most Famous Indian Sweets

Though India has more than a thousand type of traditional Indian sweets combined from different part of India. Here is the list of 22 most Famous Indian sweets. We have a listed Wide Variety of Mouth-watering Items! Explore the wide range of Indian traditional sweets also known as mithai in Hindi. Not only are desserts part of our staple food, but they are also offered in our places of worship. Be it the khada prasad at Gurudwaras or the boondi ladoos served at temples, desserts form an integral part of our sacred offerings. And by and large, all Indian desserts use sugar, milk and khoya as staple ingredients.

Bengali Rasgulla

Rasgulla or the Bengali Rasgulla is a traditional Indian Bengali dessert. It is the most popular Indian dessert in the Bengali cuisine. The dessert is known as Rasagola in Odia, and Rosogolla or Roshogolla in Bengali. Rasgulla is derived from the words ras (“juice”) and gulla (“ball”). Other names for the dish include Roshgulla, Rasagulla, Rossogolla,Roshogolla, Rasagola,Rasagolla,and Rasbhari or Rasbari in Nepali.