Kala Gulab Jamuns

Kala Gulab Jamun काला गुलाब जामुन Festive Favorites. In India, sweets form a major part of celebrations. Kala Gulab Jamun also known as Kala Jaam is a dry version of the Gulab Jamun. The difference between Gulab jamun and kala jamun is the color and texture. Kala jamuns as the name suggests are very dark in colour and are served without syrup wile gulab jamuns are golden colored balls and served with syrup. kala jamun have a dark color with just some shades away from black. Hence the word ‘kala’ which means black. This color is achieved by frying the jamuns at a low flame for some time to get the dark color.The Kala Gulab Jamun has a stuffing inside of dryfruit and nuts.

Kala Gulab Jamuns 1

Basic Ingredients : for Kala Jamun Recipe are-Hariyali Khoya, Cottage Cheese, Refined flour (maida), Cornflour, Sugar,Milk,Green cardamom powder, Ghee to deep fry and Silver warq as required

Nutrition Facts: 1 Kala Jamun Recipe has approx 215 calories. One Kala Jamun Recipe provides about 10 percent of the total daily calorie requirement of a standard adult diet of 2,000 calories.

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