Dry Fruit Barfi from Mithai Factory

Order Traditional Indian barfi and dryfruit barfi made with Khajur, Almonds, Cashew nuts, Kishmish, Pistachio from Mithai Factory.

Also available in sugar free variation. At Mithai Factory we also serve sugar free Dry fruit Barfi which is the perfect answer for those who do not like to have extra sugar added and thus making it a healthy sweet. Since the Dry fruit Barfi is prepared with dry fruits, this barfi is warming in nature and hence good for winter seasons as this provides nutrients that are essential during winter months. The sweetness comes from dates, figs and raisins and no sugar is added in this Sugar Free Barfi This is a Guilt free sweet that you can enjoy on any any celebration and any festive season.

Nutrition Fact: 1 serving of dryfrit barfi has approximate 150 calories.

Made to Order Fresh Mithais Call 7700073755 (Delivery Full Mumbai)

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