Popular Halwas in india

“Halwa” is a common term for Indian puddings made with sugar, ghee,, nuts, dry-fruits and of course the main ingredient which can be anything from Gajar to Besan, wheat  or Suji. The Halwa is a great dessert that is both rich and decadent. Like any Indian Traditional Sweets or Mithais  Halwa is relished throughout Indian States and known by different names.

Some of the Most Famous Halwas or Pudding in India are

Gajar halwa : or Carrot pudding is an an epitome of finest Indian sweets delectable dessert made from grated carrots, milk, and sugar. Gajar halwa is a north Indian sweet.

Gajar Halwa
Gajar ka Halwa melts in the mouth.

Beetroot Halwa – is a delicious fudge-like pudding that is made from grated beetroot stewed in milk and spiced with cardamom topped with rich nuts

Badam Halwa – Very popular among the North Indins. Badam halwa is a classic Indian sweet made with ground almonds, sugar, ghee, cardamoms & saffron. It is extremely rich, delicious & colourful.

Bread Halwa– Originated from Mughlai cuisine where bread pieces are soaked-up in sugar syrup then topped with Saffron and Cardamom flavoured milk rabri.  

Besan Halwa –  is a traditional Indian dessert delicious and aromatic dessert made of gram flour, ghee, sugar and nuts.

Sooji Ka Halwa :  is a very popular sweet dish prepared all over on religious occasions, as parsad Also known as vrat halwa. It’s also offered in temples as prasad, after Pooja. made with basic ingredients – semolina, sugar, and ghee.

Aate ka Halwa – It’s a simple dessert made with atta (whole wheat flour), sugar and ghee and dry-fruits. This flour based Prasad are also served at Gurudwaras around the globe loaded with ghee and dry fruits, Atta Halwa or Wheat Halwa is definitely an indulgent.

Tirunelveli Halwa – is a tasty traditional South Indian sweet prepared with wheat flour.  This is one of those recipes that Tamilians proudly acclaim as their own. Tirunelveli Halwa is a very famous and delicious sweet in ancient city of Tirunelveli which is located at South of Tamil nadu. It is also known as Iruttu Kadai halwa, it is made from Samba wheat Milk.This Tirunelveli halwa has a soft and smooth jelly like texture.

Maida ka Halwa – is an unique sweet dish prepared from roasted refined wheat flour (maida), sugar, coconut powder and dried fruit mix blended together. This sweet dish can be prepared in minutes. Basic Ingredients are Maida, Sugar, Ghee and Cashew nuts.

Moong Dal Halwa– is a classic Indian sweet dish nutty, warm and melt-in-mouth. This halwa is relished throughout Rajasthan in the cold winter months as comfort food. It’s a popular festival time recipe too! Basic Ingredients used are moong dal (spilt husked yellow mung lentils) , ghee, green cardamoms, , cardamom powder, pistachios, almonds – and golden raisins.

Chana Dal Halwa – recipe has a richer flavor than with other pulses. Soaked and ground dal is sauteed till a rich aroma is achieved – and obviously is a bit more time consuming recipe – but is worth all the effort.

Other Famous variations of Traditional Halwas are:  Urad Dal Halwa, Papaya Halwa, Bottle Goard Halwa/Lauki ka Halwa, Green Peas Halwa, Yellow Pumpkin Halwa, Apple Halwa, Apple Ragi Halwa, Banana Halwa, Mixed Fruit Halwa, Dahi Ka Halwa/Yogurt Halwa, Milk Halwa, Gur ka Halwa/Jaggery Halwa, Akhrot ka Halwa/ Walnut Halwa

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